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1 We Inspect the device for physical damage 2 Confirm the battery takes a full charge 3 Test touch screen, operating system and physical buttons 4 Document any failures and set aside for refurbishing 5 Confirm device is ready to activate 6 Reset to factory settings and power down device 7 Clean and polish all side, grooves and charge port 8 Sort devices by grade: Like New Grade A Grade B Grade C 9 Attach specs/grade label to each device 10 Add to inventory intake list and final quality control check
Triage & Restoration

Our 10-step testing and repair protocol ensures your new (to you) phone works like it just came out of the shrink wrap.

Our process

We save thousands of phones each week, clean them up, dust them off and offer them to you at amazing savings.

A New Home

We sell these resurrected phones through our website, our Amazon store and by bulk through our Wholesale Buyer Group.

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