About Us

C7DeviceRecycle.com provides wireless equipment recycling solutions utilizing non-profit donations, fund raising and for-profit resale.

The wireless industry has revolutionized the world. Over 5 billion people, or over 75% of the world’s population, now own cell phones and smartphones. This wireless revolution has brought on a growing environmental concern. It is estimated that over 1 billion cell phones and smartphones have been retired worldwide.  Numerous toxic elements contained in cell phones, including lead and arsenic, will be disposed of in landfills unless viable recycling solutions are implemented.

Founded in 2012, C7DeviceRecycle.com has emerged as a leader in cell phone buyback and recycling. Zero landfill programs have been designed to incentivize organizations, business, and consumers to responsibly recycle cell phones.  C7DeviceRecycle.com transforms environmental challenges into great opportunity.

C7DeviceRecycle.com strives to provide innovative recycling solutions, while maintaining the highest standards of customer service, both to our supply partners, as well as end users.

C7DeviceRecycle.com provides fund raising services for non-profits; recycling services for large corporations and for-profit solutions to any corporate entity that desires to cash out technology that is no longer needed.

C7DeviceRecycle.com benefits from experienced executive leadership, with over 25 years in various product recycling ventures, including buy/sell/trade CD stores and over a decade as a Sprint Nextel National business dealer.

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